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Delivery Promise

On Time Guarantee
As most of us have been contractors at some point in our lives, we at TRS know the importance of delivering the right material at the right place at the right time. This is one of the ways we differentiate ourselves from the competition and we hope you appreciate our dedication to exceed your expectations. We guarantee your order will arrive within 30 minutes before or after your scheduled delivery time, or you will be notified as soon as the issue arises. If there is any reason that your order will not arrive in the aforementioned window, we will promptly call/text/email until we get a hold of you.

Triple Check
Our orders are checked three times before arriving on site because we know that the right materials at the right time are essential to your success. We make every attempt possible to ship your entire order on one truck, but occasionally, due to size or availability, we may split your order. Have no fear, we will call ahead and make sure you are entirely aware of what we are doing and why.

The Picture Perfect Proof
To ensure accurate delivery, TRS goes one step further than our competition. We take photos of every drop and email them to the customer address on file at the time of delivery. The email not only confirms with the customer that the drop was successful, but it also sends a real-time photo of all the materials’ condition, quantity and location on the site. How many other distributors can say that?

Virtual Staging
In our warehouse, every order is virtually loaded in our staging yard. This helps ensure accuracy, weight distribution, and cuts driver downtime at the office to get our orders to you even faster.