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About Texas Roofing Supply

Texas Roofing Supply is the premier independent roofing supplier in Texas!

Texas Roofing Supply is the brainchild of our CEO, Brian Slay. After spending 10 years as a contractor and 7 years as a contractor salesman at ABC and then SRS, Brian was ready to fill a gap in the market and truly put the customer first. In order to do this successfully with no bad habits, TRS needed to be started from the ground up.

Why Buy From Us?

  • Our company was founded by former commercial and residential roofing contractors- we have been in your shoes and know your business.
    • We encourage our contractors to buy the best individual products for their customers, not a system roof forced on the homeowner from the shingle manufacturer.
    • We sell the heaviest shingle in Texas with 3M’s unmatched Scotch Guard algae warranty.
  • We take pride in selling our products, not taking orders.
    • We offer online ordering and account management.
    • Sales representatives for all customer sizes, not just the biggest contractors in town.
    • Driver through Pick Up- Pick up your order without leaving your truck.
    • Delivery Photos- Picture of drops sent immediately, automatically, and free of charge to your email and also filed with the invoice.
  • We don’t have shareholders.
    • Unlike some of the other fellows down the street, we are a true mom and pop.
    • We don’t have quarterly earnings to report to Wall Street.
    • We don’t have to answer to Private Equity fund managers looking for anyway to cut costs or increase prices at our customers’ expense.
    • We can do what is best for the long term success of our company, and, more importantly, what is best for the long term relationships we have with our customers.
    • We are in the business of making money with our customers- not at their expense.

Whether you buy a roof a month, or 30 roofs a day, we are committed to treating you with the respect and professional courtesy that you deserve.